Some Questions?

why is the server asking for a password?

You have the choice, just use your prefered one.
We think its important, that everyone secures his account with a password.
It's hashed serverside for your privacy.
If you have trouble logging in after switching Minetest clients with different build numbers,
please contact us. Thats because the hash mechanism has changed in 0.4.13.

Im new at the Server and cant dig anything

To be sure that no one came only to troll and grief, we disabled the interact privilege by default.
Feel free to look around and see if you want to play on our world.
If you want to play here, doublecheck the rules and write a short introduction about yourself in our Communityforum.

Is there an alternative to the serverside texturepack?

Yes, just find you one and choose it in your client.

Help, the Map doesn’t load anymore?!

Please log on again to see if the server is already running.
If not, please contact us!

My bucket doesn’t work – what should I do?

This is a little problem with the communication between your client and the server.
Please dig something with your pickaxe for example.
Your bucket should be fixed.

Where are the sources? Are there open viewable scripts? What about the servertextures?

We love opensource. Opensource is the reason why you can play Minetest.
Much very important softwareprojects would be missing without Opensource.
So we won't hide anything for you. Just ask us if you don't find something.

our modlist our texturepack our Git

What Mapgen is used?

We are using Mapgen V6 and V7