..:: welcome to the wonderful World of Illuna ::..

…highly customized and unique Minetestservers for the ultimate Minetest gaming experience.
Awesome to have you with us, we are sure you'll love it here!

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Reliable Minetestservers since early 2014

We're looking back to years of rocking the serverlist and much fun - on Illuna,
you can expect an experienced team of Minetest enthusiasts.

24/7 dedicated baremetal server

We keep it serious, therefore you can expect playing on a dedicated server,
rocking raided SSD's, a fancy Xeon processor and Gigabit connection.

Really unique modcollections

All of our worlds (see below) come with a bunch of forked mods and a collection
of handcrafted and illuna-exclusive mods (mc: plugins).

Illuna Servers

The server IP is illuna.rocks 🐱

Talk together, from anywhere you want


    The chat you know from ingame is available over multiple networks on Illuna, just join from the place you like the most and start chatting!

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    IRC ##illuna-techeth on Libera.Chat

    IRC ##illuna-aestival on Libera.Chat

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